Threading & Overtweezed Eyebrows

Dear Laurel: I’ve heard a lot of talk recently about eyebrow threading and would like to know more about it. Also, what is the advantage of threading verses having my brows waxed? 
Brenda ~ Woburn

Dear Brenda: Threading is actually an ancient form of hair removal believed to have originated in India, however, my research has revealed that this is somewhat disputed. Threading is an all natural hair removal technique that involves using a piece of twisted cotton thread. The twisted loops of the thread are rolled over the skin causing it to grab and remove unwanted hair. There are many wonderful benefits to threading. The precise removal of hairs, literally one row at a time, allows for a finer more polished brow line then if waxed. Waxing also removes the top layer of dry skin, which makes threading a great alternative for those with sensitive skin and especially beneficial to those not able to wax because they are taking Accutane or using Retin-A. Many that have tried threading report that it is less painful and the skin is less irritated than with waxing. Those who have in the past resorted to tweezing, find that threading is much faster, because many hairs are pulled simultaneously rather than one at a time. One drawback to threading is the discomfort felt during the procedure. Threading tears hairs from the skin, and although many report it to be less painful than waxing or tweezing, there is still some pain involved.

One of the few drawbacks to threading is its availability, however anyone who has visited the local mall lately may have noticed the threading kiosks within the hallways… not exactly where I would choose to have such a personal service performed. Fortunately, as threading as gained popularity, more and more salons and spas have begun offering this unique service. Locally, Indulgence Day Spa in Lexington center is now offering threading services and, as opposed to the mall, threading services are performed within private treatment rooms.

Overall, threading is a very convenient and natural way to remove facial hair. For those who already wax or tweeze, threading is often a less painful and irritating way to achieve the same or even better results than they had before.

Dear Laurel: When I was younger, I used to pluck my brows to the point that there were barely any hairs left.   Although, most of the hair has grown back, I fear that my daughter is doing the same thing to her brows.  Is it possible to overtweeze your brows to the point that they don’t ever grow back? 
Marianne ~ Lexington

Dear Marianne: Only in rare cases do overtweezed brows fail to grow back. But, when it does happen, it’s because the repetitive trauma produced by tweezing causes damage to the hair follicles. A damaged follicle can produce one of two reactions. Either the follicle will produce a hair that is coarse or unruly or, no hair will grow back at all. To avoid this problem, or having only barely-there-brows, throw away your daughters tweezers and take her to have her brows professionally waxed or threaded. Your favorite esthetician will make sure that the hairs that may not grow back are ones she didn’t want in the first place.

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