Reiki & Muscular Therapy Treatments


Reiki Treatments 
30 min ~ $45
60 min ~ $75
90 min ~ $110

Wellness Treatment* ~ $115
*Includes a Spa Facial and 30 minute Reiki session.
Reiki is a means of tapping into universal lifeforce energy and channeling it into your body for self healing and balancing chakras. It involves minimal touch, while in the comfort of your own clothing, and is an amazing treatment for stress relief and overall well being.

Muscular Therapy Treatments

Philosophy: The human body is a marvelous design. As any well designed performance machine, it needs maintenance! We push ourselves regularly with activities large and small, from exhaustive long hours at the desk or in a plane to arduous workouts and long treks in foreign lands.

And because of this, we so often end up suffering from aches and pains both acute and chronic. Do not saddle yourself with a burden that can be alleviated or lifted altogether. Preventive care through muscular therapy is your best solution; do not rely on a pill when skilled hands can heal your achy muscles and leave you with lasting relief.

Muscular therapy does not just heal the body, but frees the mind from pain! With regular care, it can provide you with a day to day living free from pain mentally as well. You will be able to be more active and enjoy a happier life. You deserve nothing less.

“When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.”   -Lao Tzu –

Swedish Muscular Therapy  1 hr – $90, 1.5 hr – $135, 2 hr – $170

A treatment customized for you, and you alone. Each treatment is tailored to your needs at the time. No two massages are ever the same as your life is always changing. Salt Scrubs, hot stones and cryotherapy add-ons are available and used where appropriate to ensure that you get the most relief possible from your massage.

Deep Tissue Muscular Therapy  1 hr – $100, 1.5 hr – $145, 2 hr – $185

A more focused treatment for you and your areas of chronic pain. The one and a half hour is the recommended amount of time if you have deeper tension or chronic discomfort from injury or surgery. Add-ons like hot stone and cryotherapy are especially useful here to ensure that you experience relief and feel rejuvenated! Each treatment will bring you closer to a world where you are free from pain and have lasting relief.

Neuromuscular / Cryotherapy   1 hr – $110, 1.5 hr – $150, 2 hr – $195

A tailored-to-you treatment, perfect for eliminating tendonitis aka tennis/golfer’s elbow  or chronic pain from injury. Each treatment is always customized to your needs at the time since your life and activity level is always changing and as you recover the body will adjust.

Local Muscular Therapy   20 min – $40 & up
Targets a specific area of the body in need of concentrated massage.

Add-on Treatments:
Salt Scrub  – $15

An invigorating treatment for the your whole back, herbal scrubs not only exfoliate the skin, they are infused with Aloe Vera and skin loving oils of Jojoba, Argan, and Sweet Almond that detoxify, hydrate and moisturize your skin leaving it ultra-soft, smooth and beautiful!

Hot Stone/Cryotherapy  – $10

The perfect addition for anyone with deep tension or suffering from sports related pain or injury. A combination of hot and/or cold stones with Biofreeze is utilized to soften hard tissue and reduce inflammation


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