Indulge Your Mind, Body and Soul!

Whether at work or at play we are constantly under stress, and it is easy to neglect those things that renew our spirit and outward appearance. Fortunately, there is a simply splendid way in which to undo what the encounters of our everyday lives have done… a visit to the spa!

A spa offers many wonderful treatments that help relieve stress and beautify. Regular Facials monitor changes in skin condition, reduce clogging and with the assistance of a trained aesthetician you can understand your skin type and/or condition and establish a home care regimen that is right for you. A selection of Body Treatments exfoliates, slims and detoxifies your body inside and out. A new professionally applied Spray Tanning treatment by SunFX offers an alternative to the harmful effects of the sun and is great for that special event, prior to a get-a-way, or just to get a sun kissed glow! The result is an all over natural looking tan. Anyone who has instinctively rubbed a stiff neck knows that a Massage relieves pain and muscle tension, but it may not necessarily be known that the benefits don’t stop there. It has been found that massage can reduce blood pressure, boost the immune system, dampen harmful stress hormones and raise ones mood-elevating brain chemicals such as serotonin. Manicures and Pedicures not only make our hands look lovely and your feet ready for sandal season, but they condition and repair the skin and nail beds so that hands and feet aren’t just presentable, they’re healthy.

This is just a sampling of what a spa offers to help you be a more beautiful and healthier you… so indulge yourself today!

Laurel Carey
Indulgence Day Spa