Difference Between Gel Polishes & Issues with Eyelash Extensions

Dear Laurel: I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about gel polish and that it lasts longer than regular nail polish, but I am not sure whether or not I want to try it for myself.  I am concerned that the gel will damage my natural nails. Is there one brand that is better than another?  […]

Cure Waxing Redness & Same Day Facial and Waxing

Dear Laurel: I’ve been waxing my brows and lip for years and although I love the results, I don’t love the redness that comes with it. It goes away eventually, but sometimes I have plans afterwards and don’t want to show up with a red face. Is there anything I can do to help the redness […]

How Often to Have a Facial & Gel 2 Week Manicures

Dear Laurel: I’ve never had a professional facial, but as I get older I feel as though I should start getting them to help stay ahead of the aging process and the changes that I’ve been noticing in my skin.  How often do you recommend getting facials?  Lauren ~ Woburn Dear Lauren: How often you have a […]

Men’s Manicure & Pedicure

Dear Laurel: My boyfriend works in construction and has extremely rough hands and feet.  He could really use a manicure and pedicure, but he refuses to go to a spa and thinks that those types of places are only for women.  I’ve been trying to explain to him that he would really benefit from having a […]

Threading & Overtweezed Eyebrows

Dear Laurel: I’ve heard a lot of talk recently about eyebrow threading and would like to know more about it. Also, what is the advantage of threading verses having my brows waxed?  Brenda ~ Woburn Dear Brenda: Threading is actually an ancient form of hair removal believed to have originated in India, however, my research has revealed […]

Bikini Wax Problems

Dear Laurel:  I am going on vacation in a few weeks and would like to get a bikini wax beforehand. I have had them done in the past and haven’t had a problem, but the last time I went, I noticed a couple of small bruises. Although they went away rather quickly, I’m concerned that […]

Bad Massage & Makeup Sponges and Brushes

Dear Laurel: I recently had a massage that was so painful, I almost couldn’t stand it. I asked the therapist to ease up on the pressure a bit, but by third time I asked, I just felt like a wimp. The next day I was so sore and tired and I just didn’t feel like myself. […]

Expired Cosmetics & Pimples vs. Acne

Dear Laurel: I have an entire bag of cosmetics that I bought throughout the years, yet I only use some of it occasionally. I am concerned that after a certain time frame they may go bad and actually cause skin problems. How can I tell if my makeup has gone bad or expired? June ~ Winchester […]

Men: Shave vs Wax & Foot Calluses

Dear Laurel: My husband’s facial hair grows so quickly that he could shave twice a day, morning and night. Would he benefit from waxing his face instead shaving so he doesn’t have to do it so often?  Tina ~ Woburn Dear Tina: Men can definitely benefit from waxing, but I never recommend they wax their facial hair… […]

Thin/Peeling Nails & Brow Waxing

Dear Laurel: My fingernails are very thin and peel and easily. Is there anything I can do to help strengthen them?  Bonnie ~ Lexington Dear Bonnie: Having thin fingernails is a problem that many people are cursed with. It can be annoying and even quite painful when the nail cracks and breaks below the free edge. This […]