Massage for Better Health

It increases vitality, reduces congestion, and improves circulation. It increases oxygen and nutrients supplied to muscles, joints, organs and the brain. It reduces pain due to spasm, inflammation and tissue damage. It calms the nerves and stimulates elimination of metabolic wastes, often speeding recovery from illness and injuries. What is it? MASSAGE! Anyone who has […]

5 Steps to Better Skin

Therapy for better skin is both preventative and restorative. The use of good skin care products and the avoidance of excess sun exposure and smoking could make a vast difference in the condition of your skin. STEP 1 ~ CLEANSING Skin is not inert – it is a living organ protected by a hydrolipidic film […]

Indulge Your Mind, Body and Soul!

Whether at work or at play we are constantly under stress, and it is easy to neglect those things that renew our spirit and outward appearance. Fortunately, there is a simply splendid way in which to undo what the encounters of our everyday lives have done… a visit to the spa! A spa offers many […]