Bikini Waxing & Ingrown Toenails

Dear Laurel: Is there a new kind of wax that only grabs and pulls the hair, and doesn’t stick to the actual skin? I hear it makes waxing painless. Is this true? I’m also very interested in getting a bikini wax, but I am terrified and can’t imagine waxing down there… ANNA ~ Arlington

Dear Anna: You’re probably referring to sugaring, a technique believed to be used by ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations. There is much debate over traditional waxing vs. sugaring, and as far as my research has indicated, it’s a tossup. Sugaring is believed to be less painful than waxing, but many others disagree seeing as often it requires reapplying the sugar to the same area in order to remove the hair. No matter what technique you choose to use… it will still hurt, but really ladies… it’s not that bad. The most common side effects of hair removal, regardless of where you make bare, is redness and temporary discomfort. However, the redness usually only lasts about an hour and pain is equivalent to quickly ripping off a Band-Aid and gone before you know it. The plus side… the upkeep is minimal. Think about it, you wax once a month instead of shaving your bikini line every other day and eventually the hair does thin out.

Dear Laurel:  How do I prevent and get rid of an ingrown nail?  KATHY ~ Lexington

Dear Kathy:  Ingrown toenails, if not treated can be extremely painful and the options are never great cosmetically for a woman because to have one surgically removed will often leave you with a skinnier unattractive toenail. Removal should only be done by a podiatrist, but regular visits to your nail technician can help keep nasty ingrown nails from forming.

To prevent an ingrown toenail, I suggest never cutting your toe nails too short, especially on the sides of your toes. When you cut your nails super short, you set the stage for an ingrown by encouraging your nail to grow directly into the skin of your toe. There are many causes for ingrown nails, however the most common causes are wearing tight shoes or improper grooming and trimming of the nail. Treat your feet to a monthly pedicure with a professional nail technician to keep the nails filed and trimmed to a healthy length. After all, your feet are the vehicle that takes you everywhere you want to go.

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